Hospitality Center to go before the City Planning Commission Wed. July 29th

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Update the Hospitality Center is on the agenda for the City Planning commission this Wednesday July 29th. Rev. Kevin Stewart did file a request for a major amendment to a conditional use permit to allow expanded days and hours of service, a meal program, and severe weather accommodations at 614 Main Street.

June 30th- The Journal Times recently reported that the Hospitality Center, which has served as a meal site and temporary homeless shelter, is being called before the city for apparently violating its operating permit. Now it will be up to the City Plan Commission to decide if the center’s permit should be amended to allow it to continue to operate as is, or cut back. The meeting, which will likely be held on Wednesday, July 29, also could be the deciding factor on whether the center opens again as an overnight shelter come winter.

For the full article please visit Hospitality Center called into the City following complaints

We just spoke with Rev. Kevin Stewart this is his message to the community

“Help the hungry! Speak and/or stand in support of the Hospitality Center at City Hall on July 29 at 4:00 p.m.

The Conditional Use Permit has to be approved if our sisters and brothers are to be fed and the permit needs to be amended to reflect current experience.

If not approved, many of God’s hungry children WILL BE HUNGRY.

In a city with the state’s highest unemployment rate, we have a lot of hungry people. We have met a need of feeding the hungry, responding to what we believe by God we are called to do. And we want to continue to feed the hungry.

Help the hungry! Speak and/or stand in support of the Hospitality Center at City Hall on July 29.

The Hospitality Center makes a difference in lives and in the life of Racine.

Contact The Rev. Kevin Stewart at 414 345-7971 or”