Impaired driver crashes causing early morning power outage


mppd1On February 27th, 2016 at 11:21 p.m., Mount Pleasant Police Officers were at an alarm in the 5600 Block of Washington Avenue. Soon after clearing the alarm, Officers heard what sounded like loud gunshots in the area. Officers immediately began searching the area and during the search, came across an Accident scene while on routine patrol located at the intersection of State Highway 20/Washington Avenue and Emmertsen Road. Upon arrival, Officers discovered that the vehicle not only struck a power utility pole with transformers on top of it, but also sheered the power pole in half causing transformers to fall to the ground and pull down power lines in the area. The vehicle and its operator came to a final rest on the southeast corner of that intersection. Officers at the scene immediately secured the scene due to the live wires at the scene to protect citizens. Officers began to investigate the Accident and through the course of that investigation discovered that the operator of that vehicle, identified as JOSEPH DAVIS M/B/50 of Mount Pleasant was not only operating with a Suspended License, but also was Operating while under the Influence of Intoxicants. He stated that during the crash, he bumped his knee, but he refused any rescue aid. He was arrested for the OWI and charged with various Traffic Offenses as well. DAVISS vehicle was towed from the scene due to severe damage.

***As of 3:30 a.m., WE Energies crews are still at the scene trying to repair and replace the damaged transformers and pole. The area was still shut down and traffic is being diverted North or South on Emmertsen road. Eastbound and Westbound traffic from Emmertsen to Village Center on State Highway 20 will remain shut down till this is repaired by WE due to the downed wires. The Wisconsin State Traffic Operations Center was notified and as soon as repairs are completed the roadway will be opened. ***