Jane Doe to be reinterred on July 21st, 2015

 Credit-Jane Doe-Racine County Sheriffs Office

Credit-Jane Doe-Racine County Sheriffs Office

From the Racine County Sheriff’s Office-

On July 21, 1999 a body of a white female homicide victim was discovered on the edge of a cornfield located on 92nd Street in Racine County. This female suffered severe abuse prior to her death.

On October 16, 2013 Racine County Sheriffs Office exhumed her body for further testing.

On Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 12:00 PM, she will be reinterred. This marks the 16th year of her discovery.

The advancements in forensics and the support of National Center for Missing & Exploited Children have been extraordinary. This case will continued to be worked until she is identified and persons responsible are held accountable for her death.

Please contact RASO Investigator Tracy Hintz at 262.636.3190 or Tracy.Hintz@goRacine.org with any information that may help with Jane Doe’s identification or information about those responsible for her murder. You may also reach her on Facebook at Jane Doe Racine County, Wisconsin.

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