June 18th-Drew Papillon & Family Benefit

Drew Papillon & Family Benefit – Hosted by the Kenosha Bowmen

On Saturday June 18th, from 1-11pm the Kenosha Bowmen will be holding a benefit. Drew has been battling brain cancer for over four years. Married to Amy for nearly 11 years, they have two sons, Judah and Tovi. Tovi is almost two years old. Judah, age four, was born two weeks after Drew’s first surgery to remove a large cancerous mass from his brain. Subsequent radiation, chemotherapy, other treatments and a second round of brain surgery have proven ineffective. Drew remains undaunted in the face of what has been classified as terminal brain cancer: He is now undergoing experimental treatment.

Drew and Amy have remained strong in the face of these many challenges as demonstrated by their both continuing to compete in many triathlons, including three Racine Half Ironman Triathlons, competing in two of them since his diagnosis. Drew is a Registered Nurse, having practiced as a School Nurse with the Racine Unified School District and in the ER in South Milwaukee. Due to vision loss and weakness on his left side, Drew has been placed on disability. Drew now spends his days playing with his sons and spending time with his family and friends. Reading, studying and leading worship at church round out his full schedule.

Please join Drew’s friends, extended family and the Kenosha Bowmen in supporting this wonderful family.

Event Information
The event will be held on June 18th from 1pm to 11pm.
An archery shoot will also be held on June 18th from 7am to 2pm and August 2nd from 8am to 3pm.
All Shoot Proceeds Benefit the Papillon Family.

Monetary Donations Gratefully Accepted at
Educator’s Credit Union
under “Drew Papillon Fund”

Benefit Background
In 2009, one of our club members suffered a tragic loss in his immediate family. Heide Jo Storbeck passed away unexpectedly on July 26, 2009, at St. Mary’s Hospital due to an aortic aneurysm. Heidi was 32 years young and left behind a loving family and many dear friends. As a result, the Kenosha Bowmen sprung into action by hosting a rendezvous and rallied support from local agencies in order to raise money to aid this member in his time of need.

Each year Kenosha Bowmen hosts a rendezvous benefit in Heide’s honor. The event consists of a 3D shoot, live and silent auction, picnic, music and activities for all ages.