June 25th-Imagination Library expansion event

united wayOn Saturday, June 25 Racine County families are invited to attend the expansion celebration of United Way’s Imagination Library. The event will include on-site registration, a children’s coloring station and information on local family resources from Racine County Home Visiting Network, Racine Unified School District and University of Wisconsin-Extension. Children enrolled at the event will receive an advance copy of their first book, The Little Engine that Could, as well as a free interactive literacy kit.

Imagination Library was created in 1996 by famed country singer Dolly Parton to foster a love a reading in children. The program provides free, age-appropriate books through the mail each month for children birth through age five. United Way began the program in western Racine County in late 2009. The June 25 event begins the official expansion of Imagination Library for all children under age five living within Racine County.

This event is open to the general public. Qualifying families are invited to register their child(ren) to receive Imagination Library books at the celebration event, or online at www.unitedwayracine.org/il. There are no income requirements, and multiple children within one household are all eligible. Book selections are rotated on a yearly basis to ensure that younger siblings will not receive several duplicate copies.


The event will take place  Saturday, June 25. from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
At tje Regency Mall (east court5538 Durand Ave, Racine



 The United Way is working to build the workforce of tomorrow and through Imagination Library, it is laying a solid foundation for education and the groundwork for future success in school, career and community. Imagination Library brings books into the home, and encourages parent/child engagement during the most critical years of development. Research shows that a child who hails from a home with 25 books will, on average, complete two more years of school than would a child from a home without any books at all. Currently, 2,323 children have participated in the program and nearly 45,000 free books have been mailed to local children.