Landmark Credit Union on Washington robbed

bank robbery 1 Mount Pleasant Police are on scene for a bank robbery at Landmark Credit Union-6200 Washington Ave. Radio reports that weapons were shown and there were 2 suspects involved. Additional law enforcement agencies notified. Check back for updates, this is an active scene at this time.

11:48 a.m.- Still emergency air at this time in the City of Racine. Radio reports that two parties may be detained at this time. (law enforcement has not confirmed yet)

12:10 p.m. Police are still searching the area of 11th & Center
12:12 p.m.- Normal air resumed, law enforcement is out at 11th/Center and were searching the St. Paul Garden Apartments.
12:19 p.m. Perimeter is being released at this time, law enforcement still on scene

robbery 1

robbery 2

scene 1

Credit Pauletta Harris

Credit Pauletta Harris