Local group recreates a moment in history in a phenomenal way

A local group in the Racine area named “Relentless Team” recreated a moment in history in a much different way. Jacob Rodriguez told us ” We are a team based out of Racine trying to better the community,ourselves and make positive impressions! We have put a lot of hardwork to get this far. We did this today at 1 o’clock at Lockwood park.”

This afternoon they recreated the flag raising in Iwo Jima from World War 2. Here is the message they posted on their facebook page. To learn more about them please visit and like them on Facebook at RelentlessTeam WI or visit them on the web at

?Under God with liberty and justice for all?

The Fourth of July, in which we celebrate the signing of the
?Declaration of Independence in 1776!?

We will not go quietly into the night!
We will stand and we will fight!
We shall live on!
Our names will be remembered!
Our deeds will not be forgotten!
We will continue our push forward and
Today we celebrate our INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!


??From front to back
??Lead man-Grant Evans
??Priscilla Gonzales
??Jacob Rodriguez
??Trino Romero
??Maurice Thomas
??Human flag-Alexander Ersing
?Lets get these athletes to the White House??

relentless team