Local Hero-Local man helps family during fire this morning

We at Racine Uncovered would like to take a moment to thank a Racine resident, who went above and beyond early this morning during the fire in the 4100 blk Erie Street, what he did we would consider him a local hero to that family

Local HeroJesse Ramos was driving home from work when he stumbled across the fire. He had seen alot of smoke he made a U turn and went back to see if it was a fire. He saw two kids run out the house, he pulled in the driveway and asked if they were ok. The little girl asked him to call 911, which he did immediately and then asked them if everyone was out the house. The little girl told Jesse that her mom is rescuing the dogs from the home.

As smoke was pouring out this house from every door and seam, the mother was pulling the truck out the garage with the dogs in it. Jesse moved the kids away from the house as he was on the phone informed 911 dispatch the situation and address.

As they stood there and heard the fire department responding, he asked if the kids wanted hoodies or blankets. He ran home real quick and got them some.

The family used his phone to notify their loved ones what had happened. Jesse found this video on his phone he believes that they had hit a button that started video taping what was going on. At the end you cant see anything but you can hear the little girl say THANK YOU & she gave him  a hug.

He shook the boys hand and gave the mom a hug and told the family he will check up on them in a day or two and added “god bless this family the smoke alarms woke them up”.