Lucky Mutts Rescue will get dogs returned

lucky mutts rescue Many people are aware that 26 dogs total were removed from a private home on September 9th in Racine, Wisconsin (2 belonged to the residents, 24 others did not). As soon as Lucky Mutts Rescue was informed this happened, the person was removed as President of the Board and was removed from organization. (This is a foster based rescue organization and no business was conducted at the private home or visitors allowed inside according to members/volunteers). They began moving forward for the best interest of the dogs.

We have gotten an statement from the Board of Directors at Lucky Mutts Rescue:

“Many of you, our wonderful supporters, have been waiting patiently to hear what is going to happen to our dogs as Lucky Mutts moves forward. We are pleased to announce that we will be picking our dogs up this week. This is exciting news, but it means that we need your support more now, than ever before. The Humane Society has billed us $5700 so far for the boarding of our dogs. While we have the funds to cover this bill, it would significantly impact our rescue’s financial stability. If you can find it in your heart to help us financially, we would greatly appreciate it.

If you are willing to help us out in another way, such as by fostering a dog, we would greatly appreciate that help as well. We have many dogs who are needing a foster home immediately. Please go to and fill out the foster application if you are not already on our foster list.

Please consider donating at:

Thank you!!
Board of Directors at Lucky Mutts Rescue”


UPDATE from Angela Speed with the Wisconsin Humane Society

” They’ve provided ownership documentation for 22 of the 24 dogs, and they are the rightful owners of those dogs. Lucky Mutts is not surrendering the dogs to our care and has requested the return of the dogs. Because Heather Jensen was charged as an individual (not Lucky Mutts), the 22 dogs must legally be returned to Lucky Mutts.    

We are arranging for them to pick up the dogs from all three WHS locations.  We did offer several times to take ownership of some or all of the dogs, but Lucky Mutts declined that offer. We are unaware of where they will be housed by Lucky Mutts, but they cannot legally return to Heather Jensen’s home. We will be sending the dogs on their way with extra toys and treats that have been donated for them.

Those interested in adopting should be directed to Lucky Mutts Dog Rescue, (262) 260-9715 or  

Ownership for the two remaining dogs is still being resolved.”