“Mail Me Condoms” program offered by the City of Racine Health Dept.


City hall1Public Health Department Launches New Condom Access Initiative

In observance of the upcoming National Condom Day on February 14, the City of Racine Public Health Department is launching a new program aimed at improving the health of area residents. Mail Me Condoms is an initiative designed to increase the ease with which residents, particularly youth, are able to access condoms in order to practice safer sex. This new program is modeled after similar successful programs found across the country in cities including Sacramento, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

Through Mail Me Condoms, area residents are able to easily request safer sex supplies be mailed to their home at no charge to them. By simply filling out a short form on the programs website, www.cityofracine.org/health/condoms/, clients are able to select from an extensive list of safer sex supplies. Clients are asked to provide their name, mailing address, age, gender, and whether they have a latex allergy. Participants should note that while personal identifying information is being requested, it is only for statistical purposes and will not be stored or used in conjunction with names or other information. Once the form is submitted the requested supplies will be discreetly mailed to their address.

In addition to the supplies, clients will also be provided with information about how to properly use the requested items, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), the Health Departments STD Clinic, and other pertinent services offered by the Health Department.

Mail Me Condoms is meant to increase the ease with which area residents are able to access free condoms and other safer sex supplies. The intention is that increased access to these items will translate to increased usage and in turn a decrease in the incidence of STDs and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infections in Racine. In 2014, Racine County ranked fifth (5th) highest in Wisconsin for Chlamydia rates and fourth (4th) highest for Gonorrhea., behind Milwaukee, Dane, Brown, and Kenosha (Chlamydia only) Counties.

We continue to see high rates of STDs in this community, and preventing the spread of STDs is a priority for the Health Department, said Dottie-Kay Bowersox, Public Health Administrator for the City of Racine. This effort to give residents another easy, no-cost method for accessing condoms is one more way in which the Health Department is working toward reducing the burden of STDs in the community.

Those looking for more information should visit the program website (www.cityofracine.org/health/condoms/) or contact the City of Racine Health Department Clinic at 262-636-9431 with specific questions.