Man appears on multiple charges in 2 cases including burglary and spitting at police

Tyrone A Earle

Tyrone A Earle

Tyron A Earle, 31 of Racine is facing multiple charges in two different court cases filed today. He has been charged with Burglary-Building or Dwelling, four counts of Bail Jumping-Misdemeanor, Disorderly Conduct,
Throw/Discharge Bodily Fluid at Public Safety Worker or Prosecutor and Resisting or Obstructing an Officer. He was given a total of $3,000 cash bond. His initial appearances are scheduled for May 11th.

According to the criminal complaint with the first case on April 30th, Racine Police responded to the area of Taylor Mart, for a man with a gun call. Upon arrival officers identified the defendant as the possible suspect with the gun. The defendant began walking towards officers and made a boxers stance. Officers ordered the suspect to turn away and place his hands in the air, which the defendant initially complied. When being taken into custody the defendant stated that he never had a gun or was suspected of having a gun.

When being taken into custody the suspect was screaming in the middle of the street and began spitting at officers and continued to spit while he was placed in the paddy wagon. When asked why he was spitting he allegedly told officers because “you locked me up for nothing”. When asked his name he told officers to figure it out themselves. Officers concerned he may be under the influence, transported him to Wheaten Franciscan for medical clearance. When asked him name the defendant allegedly laughed and stated “John Gotti”.

2nd complaint- On April 28,2016 Racine Police responded for a burglary call on 11th Street. Upon arrival officers spoke to witnesses who identified the defendant walking out of the residence with electronics in his hands and is familiar with the defendant because he had been recently released from jail, the complaint reads.