Man arrested after becoming combative at local park

handcuffsNathaniel W. Griswold, 33 of Racine has been charged with Battery to Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Fighters or Commission Wardens, two counts of Disorderly Conduct and two counts of Resisting or Obstructing an Officer. He was given a $2,000 cash bond after making his initial appearance on Friday September 11, 2015. A Preliminary hearing is scheduled for 09-16-2015.

According to the criminal complaint, on September 10,2015 at 5:44 p.m., Racine Police were dispatched to the 4400 block of Maryland Ave for a male party that was making racial/suicidal statements and witnesses believed he also had a gun.

When officers arrived they attempted to stop the suspect when he began running through Reservoir Park, where there was a football practice going on with children around the age of 8. During this the defendant began running towards the children and coaches, the coach saw what was happening and as the defendant was approaching them, the coach used the blocking/tackling pad to knock the defendant over causing him to fall.

The complaint states that officers were able to finally take the defendant into custody after deploying their taser. According to reports, the defendant would not produce his hands, hiding them underneath his person and police believe he may be armed with a weapon. A Racine Police officer suffered a broken hand during the struggle.

Witnesses were interviewed and according to the complaint the defendant was asked to leave the practice area for making racial slurs, when the defendant began approaching the area an additional time witnesses asked if he was ok and reports state that he replied “No, Im gunna die”. Another witness reported to police that while she was dropping her child off at practice, the defendant ran up to her vehicle, attempted to open the locked front passenger door and shouted, “Open the expletive door, expletive!” When the defendant was transported to the hospital he made statements to police along with lines of he was now in a “Demilitarized Zone” and a civil war would happen.