Man arrested after taking a “short cut” through the Racine Police Impound lot

todd roushia Todd A Roushia, 46 of Racine has been charged with one count of misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct Tuesday afternoon in Racine Circuit Court. He was given a $150.00 cash bond

According to the criminal complaint on June 27, 2016 Racine Police responded to the Racine Police Impound Lot for alarms sounding. Officer took up a perimeter. after entering the first gate an officer could hear alarms sounding and upon coming to the second gate, he observed the defendant standing on the opposite side of the gate staring back him him. Officers advised dispatch that a party was located inside the impound lot.

Officers spoke with the defendant who stated he was intoxicated and stuck. The defendant told officers that he had been walking in the area and decided to “cut a corner” and take a short cut through the impound lot. The defendant told officers that he had been looking for discarded cigarette butts to smoke, he said he had not entered any vehicles but was looking for ashtrays. Officers explained to the defendant that his story wasn’t plausible because there weren’t any cross streets for the defendant to take a short cut, he would have to climb a high fence and wouldn’t it be easier to look for cigarette butts in a high traffic area.