Man arrested in Sunday shooting claims he was afraid of being assaulted

William Lockhart-RCJ

William Lockhart-RCJ

William M Lockhart, 34, of Racine has arrested on attempted 2nd-Degree Intentional Homicide charges. He was scheduled to make his initial appearance in Racine Circuit Courts this afternoon but it was postponed until April 27th due to a conflict of interest by an attorney.

According to the criminal complaint investigators with the Racine Police Department were made aware of an incident the a relative of the defendant was involved in September 2015. The relative and Barker were drinking on September 3,2015 when an argument broke out resulting in the party falling from the porch suffering injuries to his head and neck the party later died in a nursing home.

Investigators learned that the victim approached the defendant about his car being keyed the day before while the defendant was walking his dog. Witnesses interviewed by police stated that they witnessed the victim approach the defendant and the defendant pulled a handgun and shot him in this chest and fled the area. Witnesses were able to help officers locate the defendant at McDonald’s on State Street, the complaint reads.

According to the complaint, investigators spoke with the defendant about his cousin’s passing and the September 2015 incident, and the defendant allegedly stated that his cousin was with the Barker during the incident which possibly resulted in his death. The defendant stated that he was out walking his dog when he was approached by Barker and individuals and felt threatened and said that the victim was always trying to start things with him. He stated he wasn’t in Wisconsin when the victims car was keyed and didn’t know anything about it.

The defendant made reference to investigators that he believes the Barker and his friends jumped his cousin that night in 2015 that led to his cousin’s death. The defendant additionally told investigators that the victim advanced towards him in a threatening matter and insisted it was self-defense and he was scared of being assaulted.