Man arrested on charges of selling crack cocaine

Bruce Adams Bruce A Adams, 42 of Racine has been charged with two counts of Manufacture/Deliver Cocaine (<=1g), one count of Maintain Drug Trafficking Place and three counts of felony bail jumping. He was given a $2,000 cash bond after making his initial appearance in Racine Circuit Courts Friday afternoon.

According to the criminal complaint the Racine Police Department Special Investigations Unit made controlled purchases of crack cocaine from the defendant during a drug investigation. On June 9,2016 the Racine Police Department executed a no knock search warrant in the 900 block of N. Memorial in regards to the dealings of controlled substances by the defendant.

The complaint reads that the defendant spoke to officers saying that he doesn’t live at the address but stays there from time to time and no cocaine would be found because he was going to purchase more today. He allegedly admitted to law enforcement that he sells a small amount to support his habit. Upon searching the residence, police recovered clothing and other items from a bedroom which would places the defendant at this location more than time to time and the defendant had a key to the residence. Other items were recovered during the search warrant that are used in the packaging of illegal drugs.