Man charged in connection with burglary on Frontage Road, after being scared away by homeowner

daniel townley Daniel Townley 51 of Sturtevant has been charged with two counts of Burglary-Building or Dwelling, Possess/Illegally Obtained Prescription, and Trespass to Land. He is being held on $1000 cash bond. He was charged today in Racine Circuit Court after Caledonia Police responded to an attempted burglary on Frontage Road and the woman had scared him away. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 30.

According to the criminal complaint, on September,20,2015, Caledonia Police responded an address on Frontage Road for an attempted burglary. The Racine County Dispatchers advised police that a suspect was trying to gain entry through a window using a screwdriver.

The victim states she heard tapping on her windows looked out side and tapped on the window to get his attention. The suspect noticed that she was in the home and fled the scene on foot.

A camper was located by law enforcement on a vacant lot near the residence and appeared to had been recently occupied. Caledonia Police were able to find out that the registered owner was the defendant and spoke with family who advised the defendant is also a suspect in a burglary in Marinette County. Family also advised the defendant was known to carry a gun. Caledonia Police contacted the land owner who stated that he did not know the suspect and had not given him permission to park his camper on the property

According to the complaint when police conducted an inventory search, in the camper. The following items were recovered: Two flat screen TV’s, multiple rifles, shot gun, and hand gun rounds, two AR15 type magazines. Paperwork recovered in the trailer also listed back to the defendant.

The suspect was taken into custody on September 21st in the area of Three Mile during a traffic stop. Officer found three pills which were identified as Modafinil in his pockets.