Man charged with 2nd northside burglary

court Lowell O Allen Jr, 22, of Racine has been charged with Burglary-Building or Dwelling. This comes after he was caught and charged in a northside burglary in progress that happened on October 13, 2015 (please see Man charged with armed burglary ), He was given a $2,500 cash bond for this charge, in addition to the other bond he was given for the previous open case.

According to the criminal complaint, on September 30,2015, Racine Police were notified of a burglary that occurred in the 1000 block of Layard Ave. On October 15, 2015 according to the complaint, a neighbor told police, she was outside in her vehicle, when she noticed the defendant exit the house. The neighbor didn’t contact police as she believed he may have been with another resident of the home at that time.

The neighbor found out that the residence had been burglarized later and believed that the defendant may have been the suspect. According to the criminal complaint, the witnessed observed the defendant’s Racine County Sheriff’s Booking photo on and recognized him immediately as the person associated with the burglary she saw on September 30,2015, the complaint states.

A search warrant was executed at the defendants residence and police recovered a watch that belonged to the victim in the 1000 block of Layard Ave. As part of the burglary investigation, the complaint states that investigators drove around with the defendant and he pointed out homes which had burglarized, including the one on Layard Ave.