Man charged with 41 counts of forgery after stealing over $4,000

policelightJeffery L Siepler has been charged with 41 counts of Forgery-Uttering. A warrant for his arrest has been issued because he did not appear in court today for his initial appearance.

According to the criminal complaint, On August 15, 2014 the victim came to the Mount Pleasant Police Department to report a theft. She informed officers that the defendant had stolen approximately $4300 from her checking account between November of 2013 and January of 2014.

The victim stated the defendant used to be her neighbor and was then evicted due to his financial problems. At that time the victim allowed the defendant to move in with her. The victim stated to police that she first realized she wasn’t receiving her bank statements in the mail and had to go to the bank to get them. She then realized she was missing a significant amount of money and there were a number of checks written to the defendant that she did not issue. She confronted the defendant about this and kicked him out in late January of 2014. She also found her old bank statements under his bed. At first the defendant had agreed to pay her back but eventually he didn’t and then threatened not to pay her a dime back if she went to the police, according to the complaint.

Investigators with the the Mount Pleasant Police Department were able to view the checks and bank statements found that 46 checks had been made out from the victim’s account to the defendant between December 2013 and January 2014. Of those 46 checks the victim was able to identify 5 that she had written out to him. The other 41 checks did not have a middle initial and upon being reviewed by and Investigator he noticed the handwriting on the 41 checks was very similar to the defendants handwriting on his signature. All of the checks were cashed at either the US Bank.

According to the complaint, the victim, who is in her late 70’s stated that during the time the defendant was staying at her home she also noticed she would frequently be missing her prescription medication and gas cards. In total, the defendant was able to steal $4235.00 from the victims account.

On September 10, 2014 when the defendant was interviewed by the Ladysmith Wisconsin Police Department. He provided a written statement in which he stated that he for a period of one year he stayed with the victime and during that time was depressed and addicted to pain pills and he supported that habit by stealing checks from the victim and cashing them. He further admitted to knowing he didn’t have permission to do this.