Man charged with 5 felony drug charges after traffic stop

police lights-handcuffsPatrick J. Clemon, 36 of Racine has been charged with Carry Concealed Weapon, Felon Possess Firearm, Possess w/Intent-Heroin (1-5g), Possess w/Intent-THC (<=200 grams), Possess w/ Intent/Deliver Narcotics, Possess/Illegally Obtained Prescription, Possess w/Intent-Designer Drugs (<=3g). He was given a $30,000 cash bond after making his initial appearance today in Racine Circuit Court. His Preliminary hearing on July 22, 2015.

According to the criminal complaint on July 16th, the Racine Police Department made a traffic stop in the 1700 block of State Street. The complaint states that the officer found the defendant in possession of a cell phone, peach pills tablet and $270. The defendant stated the pill was viagra.

During the search of the vehicle officers found a .380 semi automatic, 9mm Kurtz, 2 knotted plastic baggies containing a brownish substance which tested positive for opiates, four knotted plastic baggies containing a white substance which tested positive for cocaine, three knotted plastic baggies containing a green leafy substance which tested positive for THC, a plastic baggie containing 13 pills which were identified Acetaminopine/Oxycodone, and a baggie containing three pills which tested positive for MDMA.

According to the complaint the defendant was transported to the Racine Police Department, was advised of his rights and agreed to make a statement to police. The reports stated that the defendant initially denied knowing about the guns or drugs in the glove box, but eventually acknowledged they were his. The defendant allegedly told police that he usually sells crack cocaine, but sold out before the traffic stop. He stated he sold the drugs to support himself and his family and kept the gun for protection.