Man charged with Disorderly Conduct had previous arrests for impersonating an officer


Tammer Sherid-RCJ

Tammer Sherid-RCJ

Tammer Sherid, 25 of Racine has been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct (Domestic Abuse Assessments & Repeater), he was given a $100 cash bond but is currently on a hold from Department of Correction.

According to the criminal complaint, on January 7, 2016, Racine Police responded to speak to a victim of an assault. The victim stated that the defendant had and gotten into a verbal argument in which the defendant wanted money from the victim. The defendant took the victims cell phone and computer as “payment”. The defendant then as the victim put her right arm out, grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm behind her back telling her that “Im gonna hyper extend your arm and snap it”. The victim states that she was held down for a few minutes and as she tried to get up, he pushed her to the ground. When the defendant went to take a shower, the victim fled the residence to a relative’s house and called police.

When officers were speaking to the victim, she had mentioned that he was on probation for prior charges and works for a security company, named Tactical Police Response. Racine Police stated in their reports that they do remember the defendant from prior arrests. As part of his probation the defendant is not allowed to be involved with a security company.

The complaint states that when Racine Police went to speak to the defendant, police observed a “police style badge” and a black binder with the Tactical Police Response emblem on it. The defendant was transported to Racine County Jail and Department of Correction also placed a hold on him.

In January 2014 the defendant was charged with impersonating a police officer Man arrested after impersonating a police officer

and again in February 2014 while out on bond Racine man out on bond for impersonating a police officer, arrested again