Man out on bond faces 19 new charges after being arrested


Ryian Busby, RCJ

Ryian Busby, RCJ

Ryian Busby, 30 of Racine has been charged with 13 counts of felony bail jumping, two counts Resisting or Obstructing an Officer, Disorderly Conduct, two counts Throw/Discharge Bodily Fluid at Public Safety Worker, and one count of Battery or Threat to Judge, Prosecutor, or Law Enforcement Officer.
He was given a $25,000 cash bond after making his initial appearance Wednesday in Racine Circuit Court. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 6, 2016

According to the complaint on March 30,2016 Racine Police responded to calls for a civil trouble. Upon arrival officers spoke to a neighbor who stated that he observed the defendant and another person arguing. Officers spoke to the victim who stated she had been trying to contact police because the defendant is “out of control, and to “lock him up because he’s out on bond and he’s been drinking” and had pushed her.

Officers were given permission to enter the residence and were unable to locate the defendant. Officers looking for the defendant note that they observed the defendant in a wooded area trying to hide behind a log. Officers were able to take him into custody. While officers were searching the defendant he allegedly told officers “I got a Glock 40 and I’ll shoot you mother expletives”. At one point while the defendant was being led from the wooded area he told officers “Take the cuffs off, I’ll uppercut you, and knock your expletive out”. The defendant spit on officers, and attempted to spit on other officers are the scene, the complaint reads.

The complaint states that the defendant was taken to All Saints for medical clearance due to the level of intoxication, once cleared he was transported to the Racine County Jail where he spit on jail employees.

According to the criminal complaint the defendant has two open felony cases, one from January 2016 and one from February 2016