Missing 18 year old Racine woman, possibly in danger

Kaitlin Krug, 18 of Racine is missing. Her family is devastated and is worried she is in danger. She was last seen going to Waukegan, Illinois the other day with her friend who died from an alleged heroin overdose at hotel in Waukegan called Crosslands, on according to family members.

Waukegan Police are currently investigating and a missing report has been filed with Racine Police. According to her family “two other men apparently were video taped walking in with this girl(the one who overdosed) and Kaitlin wasn’t seen walking in the hotel on camera but police described a tattoo on Kaitlin and said she may have been seen walking out”. Kaitlin does have tattoos-one on her chest that says” real eyes realize real lies”,another on her stomach that says an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” , a cross on her hand and two horoscope symbols on her fingers for Gemini and Leo. She is on foot and does not have a cell phone with her. She has not been in contact with her family at all

If you have any information please contact Waukegan Police-(847) 360-9000, Racine Police (262)886-2300, Reference complaint number 15-49133.