Mom accused of beating children and using her fake nails to scratch them


jailbarsA 28 year old Racine woman is facing three counts of felony child abuse-intentionally causing harm. She was given a $500 cash bond along with a $1,000 signature bond with the conditions she has no contact with her children.

According to the criminal complaint on Friday April 8, Racine Police were called to a local Racine school reference a child abuse complaint. Upon arrival officers made contact with a counselor who stated that the victim had been involved in an altercation at school and when staff spoke about contacting her mother she becomes visible upset.

Officers spoke with the victim who stated that anytime she has trouble in school she gets beaten, officers photographed new and old injuries on the victim. The victim stated that she had moved from Chicago to Kenosha and lived there for a few months before moving to Racine, and had some problems at her new school. She stated that her mother would beat them with a belt. When questioned about the marks on her body, the victim told police that her mother gets fakes nails put on and digs them into their skin and scratches their face with them. The victim also said the younger sibling has been hit before too but says her mother says it’s only “play hitting” and that the abuse is everyday. Her mother tells the victims to use cocoa butter and A & D ointment to lighten the coloring on the wounds. The victim stated the last incident, the mother was beating her and both her and her sibling were screaming for help when allegedly the mother told them “Ya’ll B’s better stop screaming before I kill ya’ll”, the criminal complaint reads

(Please note we did not publish the offenders name to protect the victims)