Mom thanks Racine Police Officers for stopping by Kool-Aid stand

Thank youSandra wrote to us and wanted to thank the officers who stopped by her kids kool-aid stand.

“I would like to share a great thing that happened today . I wish I knew who the cops were but I was not home yet.

So today my 2 young ones decided to have a kool-aid stand. My mom told them no because the cops were gonna tell them to put it away… well they decided to do it anyway. And guess what happened. … 3 cops stopped by them….. and they sat and chatted with my kids drank kool-aid (a shot glass worth for $1 each lol) and they even asked my kids to take a picture with them lots of people have bad things to say but I don’t. I appreciate them and I want to thank the 3 police officers that took there time to make my kids day a little better”

Sandra M