Mom would like to thank 2 Racine Police Officers for making her son’s day!

boyWe are sharing this from our friend Savannah who had this experience today and would like to thank the Racine Police Department and it’s officers.

“I am not sure who the officers were but this happened today…. My little guy loves fire trucks and cop cars, when he hears the sirens he mimics it and points as he smiles. Well today two Racine police officers were handling a situation across from us and as they were walking back to their trucks. My son started to wave and I asked if they wouldn’t mind coming over and saying hi to the little guy…. One officer went to his truck to get something, while the other one shook his hand and made small talk (my son isn’t even 2 so it was a short convo) the other officer then came over with a teddy bear to give to him… He excitedly took it and they left, but my little guy took his new teddy to go play on the slide and swing…… A simple little gesture but much appreciated…. I don’t know the officers name, but we live on LaSalle St…. I give credit were credit is due…. Thank you very much officers for putting a smile on my little guy’s face and for his new little buddy! Racine Police Department your act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed!!!!”