Mount Pleasant Police & Educators Credit Union help local family

What originally started as a thank you letter printed on Racine Uncovered from a family to officers with the Mount Pleasant Police Department, actually was something much bigger! The father in the family is a disabled Veteran, he served in the Marine Corps. They were going through hard times due to some paperwork issues and delays with disability. Officers learned about this family’s situation after the Racine County Communication Center received a complaint that the grass was not being cut on a portion of this family’s residence. An officer drove to the house and was told that the lawn mower stopped working a couple days prior to that complaint. The father at the residence was in the process of trying to repair it.

Sergeant Lueke and Officer Albers were determined to help this family by paying for the electric bill so the power could be turned on at the residence. More officers from the department heard about this situation through word of mouth. These officers and the Police Clerks made additional financial contributions in support of this cause. Over $400.00 was raised.

A spouse of an officer from the Mount Pleasant Police Department is employed at Educator’s Credit Union Home Office. Upon these employees learning about this story, they took up a collection. They contributed over $400.00.

The donations totaled over $800.00. The electric bill did get paid so the power could be turned on!

The extra money being also purchased a $300 Walmart card, a Pick n Save card and a gas card. Mount Pleasant Police Officers also purchased and donated clothing and other household items which will be given to the family early next week.

In order to solve the issue of the long grass Sgt. Lueke donated a very good used lawn mower (valued at $600 new) to the family. Coincidently, the day this father received the lawn mower happened to also be his birthday. Pictured below are the other items that were purchased by officers for this family.

Here is the link to the original thank you letter from the family Very Special Thank You to Mount Pleasant Police from Resident