New residents of Racine ask for help from the community, thieves trying to steal wheelchair


wheelchairWe here are outraged at Racine Uncovered! This is truly disgusting that there are those that live in our wonderful city that would stoop to this level. We are asking everyone in the downtown area to keep their eyes open! We are sharing from a new family that recently moved to Racine.

Mary R. wrote us this morning asking “Good morning. I’m needing some help putting word out to thieves in my neighborhood. My family and I just moved to Racine, downtown harbor area. One of my sons is wheelchair bound. I cannot physically carry the chair by myself, so it is chained up outside until my husband gets home. I went to the store last week and came home to find that someone tried to steal it but unsuccessful, broke few expensive parts on it. Now just last night I had to pick my husband up and a neighbor said someone pulled up with a truck looked at my 9yr old sons chair saw it was chained and left fast before they could get the plates.. Any ideas on how I can get word out. This is really disturbing and we are new to this city.”

She told us that because of the damage done to the wheelchair, her son cannot go to school until repairs are made. If you see anything suspicious, please call Racine County Dispatch 262-886-2300. She is contacting police to file a report and we will update with a complaint number when available.

9:44 a.m. UPDATE Since posting this story an hour ago, support has been outstanding on our facebook page, multiple people it the community want to help repair the chair, another person is willing to build them a ramp if that will help the family. The GREAT comes through again in the people of Racine