Racine Business Owner creating “Police Safe Zones”

Police Safe ZoneRon Hemlick a local business owner and resident wants to keep law enforcement in Racine County safe when they are doing paperwork or taking their lunch breaks is creating something new. Many know that an officer’s vehicle is also their office where they complete reports, gather information and also take their lunch breaks. Many times citizens will see squads parked in unique places. No they aren’t sleeping, they are trying to do reports and protect themselves at the same time. Ron came up with a unique way of adding additional locations where officers can park.

Here is what he said “OK everyone the other day I posted that if any of my facebook friends that are Officers need a safe location to back their patrol car into to do paperwork that they could use my driveway. Well others want to be part of it. I designed a form for everyone to fill out if they want to help also. A facebook page is going up soon. Right now the areas that Ron is asking for residents to sign up for is areas: City of Racine Police, Mount Pleasant Police, Caledonia Police and also the Racine County Sheriff’s Office. (Ron works with Racine Police Officers in the public school system and with “Guys Group” through the Racine Police COP House at 16th and Phillips)

Police Safe Zones are places where Citizens invite Police Officers to park into their home or business driveways. Citizens are more than welcome to offer water food or even WIFI. The Goal is to keep our Officers safe while they protect us. All information will be submitted to the Chief of the Police.”

If you are interested in adding your name to the list please click POLICE SAFE ZONE SIGN UP SHEET