Racine couple charged after pawning over $28,000 of stolen jewelry

police lightsJoseph J Spears, 35 of Racine and Robin C Walker, 25 of Racine have been charged each with felony Receiving Stolen Property (>$10,000). They were given an adjourned initial appearance today after appearing in Racine Court. Their new hearing is scheduled for May 26th so they can obtain legal counsel.

According to the criminal complaint on April 10,2016 Mount Pleasant Police took a report of a burglary. The victims who are in their 60’s stated that they were awoken from sleep to find a man in their bedroom. One of the victims chased the suspect who ran from the home and evaded him.

The victims stated that contractors had been in the house recently. The victims took inventory and estimated the total value of the items taken exceeded $60,000.

Investigators discovered the defendants had pawned a number of items at American Coin and Jewelry. On April 13, 2016 investigators learned the value of the items pawned was $28,350 and Spears received a check for $1,234.00

On April 15, 2016 officers spoke with the operators of the store who stated that the defendants came in and Walker produced a bag full of jewelry. The owners of the business made an offer to Walker who accepted and then directed her “brother” Spears to give them his ID to complete the transaction, the complaint reads

While officers were at the store, the suspect vehicle pulled into the parking lot. Officers waited for the 3rd party to come into the store and stopped them. The third party stated that Walker asked her to pawn the ring and she was also waiting in the car. The ring was valued at $14,000.

The complaint states that Walker handed over the rest of the jewelry and stated that Spears provided her with the jewelry and needed her to accompany him to the store so that not to raise suspicion. Officers located Spears who stated that he got the jewelry from Walkers boyfriend and he’s “isn’t going down for nobody” and Walker is lying about the source of the jewelry. Spears went on to add that Walker and her boyfriend call him to pawn items for them.