Racine man charged after telling police “he was hit by a car” driven by a 91 year old man


handcuffsDemetrius L. Cannon 35 of Racine has been charged with Disorderly Conduct-Crime against an Elderly or Disabled Person and Resisting or Obstructing an Officer, both misdemeanors. A warrant was issued for arrest and he was expected to return on warrant and make his initial appearance Wednesday afternoon in Racine Circuit Court.

According to the criminal complaint Mount Pleasant Police responded on December 8,2015 in the 5400 block of Durand Ave for complaints of a man identified as the defendant who had placed himself behind a slowly moving vehicle driven by a 91 year old man. Witnesses told police that the defendant intentionally watched the victim slowly back his vehicle out of a parking spot, the the defendant walked alongside the victims car for several steps, placing himself behind the victims car, and acting as if he had been hit by the vehicle and diving to the ground.

The defendant who had been leaving a personal injury attorney’s office in that parking lot, told police he had noticed the car moving and had “jimmied out of the way like Barry Sanders”. The defendant also said that he was talking to his girlfriend and not really paying attention but noticed the vehicle. The defendant complained of injury to his right leg.

Mount Pleasant Police reviewed surveillance video showing the defendants left leg facing the vehicle making his story to police impossible. The defendant is further seen standing next to the victim’s car, looking left and right and starts walking faster as the vehicle backed up. He gets behind the vehicle and as the car stops the defendant falls in a forward from a standing position, the complaint reads.

According to Mount Pleasant Police, video and witness statements contradict what the defendant had told police. Police also found no damage on the victim’s car.