Racine man charged after threatening to kill police officer and his family


Nicholas Johson-RCJ

Nicholas Johnson-RCJ

Nicholas S Johnson, 35 of Racine has been charged with Battery or Threat to Judge, Prosecutor, or Law Enforcement Officer, Bail Jumping-Felony and Criminal Damage to Property. He was given a $25,000 cash bond after making his initial appearance Tuesday in Racine Circuit Court. Records also show that a hold has been placed on him by Department of Corrections.

According to the criminal complaint on February 16, 2016 at approx. 1 a.m. Racine Police responded to a civil trouble along Washington Ave and Ohio Street. Upon arrival officers spoke to a party, who stated that the defendant and another party were following them, the victim further advised that the defendant and mentioned party had tried to assault both the victim and another party outside a local bar in the parking lot.

According to reports, the victims were trying to leave when the defendant kicked and damaged the drivers side of the vehicle and were following them. Officers were able to locate the defendant, and initiated a traffic stop.

When additional officers arrived on scene the defendant was being detained in the front of the squad car and was highly aggressive, screaming and began screaming at an officer how he wanted to fight and beat the officer.

According to the criminal complaint the defendant was placed in the squad and video cameras were activated and caught on tape the defendant making multiple threats which included: “Take the badge off, take the cuffs off I’ll beat your expletive”, “Stop hiding behind the badge”, “Let me out of the cuffs and fight me, I’ll beat your expletive because you are are expletive, “I know your name from the report. Sleep tight tonight”, “I got 150 rounds for you”, “I already know where you stay at”, and “You better be all right when I catch you and your family. I’ll kill you, expletive, Make sure your doors are locked”.

The complaint goes onto add that the defendant caught on video stating that he, “I will spray you and your family”, “I got a 100 round clip to bust your whole family”, “I’m coming for you and your family, rest in peace brother”

According to the criminal complaint the defendant was out on bond after being charged with one count of OWI 5th or 6th offense.