Racine man charged with armed burglary to neighbor


Tevin Cagle-RCJ

Tevin Cagle-RCJ

Tevin Cagle, 17 of Racine has been charged with Burglary-Armed w/ Dangerous Weapon, Battery or Threat to Judge, Prosecutor, or Law Enforcement Officer and three counts of misdemeanor bail jumping. He was given a $1,500 cash bond after making his initial appearance in Racine Circuit Court on Monday February 29th. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 10, 2016.

According to the criminal complaint on February 27th, Racine Police were dispatched to the 1600 block of Quincy Ave for a report of a burglary. Upon arrival the officer spoke with the victim who stated that a male party armed with a pink and black handgun had entered her residence and had demanded money. The victim was able to give Racine Police a description of the suspect who had his face covered but stated that she had recognize him, called him by name and asked him why he was doing this and that she didn’t have any money. The defendant allegedly told the victim, she should be happy it’s only him and not the other girl that and sent him.

Officers responded to the defendants address where he opened the door wearing the clothing that was described to police. When questioned the defendant stated that he had been home all night and had been sleeping. When questioning his mother who was concerned about the defendant also stated that he had been home sleeping all night. Racine Police also noted that the defendant had been wearing tennis shoes and was fully dressed at the time, the complaint reads.

According to the criminal complaint, officers transported the defendant to Racine County jail where he became very agitated and uncooperative and made threats to a Racine Police Officer regarding his wife. Also noted was that the defendant was out on bond for three other criminal cases. Also noted was the victim had a warrant for their arrest out of Oconomowoc Police Department