Racine man leaves children home alone and commits armed robbery

Eric Eisel-RCJ

Eric Eisel-RCJ

Eric W. Eisel, 26 of Racine has been charged with Robbery, two counts of Neglecting a Child, and one count of Resisting or Obstructing an Officer. He made his initial appearance in Racine Circuit Court today and was given a $10,000 cash bond.

According to the criminal complaint on August 26, 2015, Sturtevant Police were dispatched at 10:54 for reports of a robbery in progress at the Phillips 66 Gas Station located at Durand & Willow. Dispatch radioed officers that the suspect had the victim at knife point.

As officers from multiple jurisdictions were arriving on scene and officer with the Sturtevant Police Department saw the defendant running on foot northbound on Willow Road. A K9 unit from the Kenosha Police Department assisted in the search for the suspect and he was tracked to a vehicle located nearby. Officers recovered a cell phone and knife sheath.

According to the complaint when the Sturtevant Police officer arrived back on scene there was a knife with a wooden handle laying in the parking lot. When interviewing the victim, he stated he was in the back of the store when he heard the doorbell ring. The victim looked at security cameras and saw the defendant covered head to toe and also wearing a Spiderman man mask enter the store and go behind the counter.

When confronted by the victim and asked what he was doing he allegedly stated “This is a robbery”. The victim fled the store and asked a customer who was pumping gas to call police because he was being robbed.

The suspect approached the victim at the entrance to the business and ordered him to open the register. The victim stated he would only do so if the suspect waited outside. According to the report, the defendant went outside and sat down in the parking lot. The victim entered the store, locked the doors, opened the register and walked back to the entrance when he noticed the defendant approaching the door. According to the criminal complaint the victim told the suspect he would not open the door if the defendant got any closer. The victim stated that police started arriving on scene and noticed the defendant dropping the knife and some money he had gotten from the store and then saw the suspect running away. It is noted on the video the description of the suspects shoes.

When the defendant was taken into custody and questioned he at stated he was sleeping in his vehicle, then began crying stating he had left his two younger children at home alone. He stated again that he had been sleeping in his vehicle because he had drank to much brandy.

According to reports the defendant told police that “I know you think I did it”. When asked why he stated that he allegedly stated “I dont know why, because of my shoes”.

Later during the interview process an officer showed the knife to the defendant and asked if he recognized it, where he replied, “yes it’s mine a relative gave it to me”. When the defendant was told that was the knife left at the scene of the robbery, he told officers that someone must have stole it from him. When police did a PBT test on the defendant it registered as a 0.00 BAC, and no officers noticed any odor of intoxicants.

Racine Police were dispatch to the suspects residence and did discover the two children home alone.