Racine man who slit woman’s throat charged with attempted 1st degree homicide


Lewis Caples-RCJ

Lewis Caples-RCJ

Lewis C. Caples, 50 of Racine, has been charged with attempted 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide. He is being held on $75,000 cash bond after making his initial appearance Monday afternoon in Racine Circuit Court. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for 12-16-2015 .

According to the criminal complaint on December 4, 2015, Racine Police were dispatched to Saint Mary’s Medical Center for a woman who had a large laceration to her throat. According to the hospital the victim was brought in by the defendant. The defendant stated that the couple went out that evening and upon returning home an unknown intruder was in the residence.

According to the complaint the defendant stated to police that the alleged intruder attempted to stab him twice but missed and that he was able to turn the knife on the “intruder” stabbing him twice. The defendant then stated to police that he put the intruder in an arm bar and judo chopped him. The defendant stated that their dog also bit the intruder in the face and had suffered a stab wound, reports stated.

A relative of the victim arrived at the hospital and got into an argument with the defendant, according to the complaint. The relative stated that the victim and defendant had lived together but he was asked to leave because of alleged crack cocaine use and that to her knowledge he didn’t have a dog.

According to the criminal complaint, Investigators with Racine Police were able to communicate with the victim who was in the Intensive Care Unit and she was able to positively ID the defendant as her attacker and he had come up behind her and cut her throat.

The criminal complaint states that the defendant after changing his story numerous times allegedly admitting to police that he did cut her and it happened so fast that he apologized and said he loved her.

The victim suffered a 6 inch long laceration that went from the left side of the Adam’s apple all the way to the right side of her neck. Medical personnel stated that the lacerations missed a main artery by a millimeter, which would have likely caused her to bleed to death.