Racine mom would like to thank the woman at Aldi’s today

thank you clip artWe have been asked to share in hopes of locating the kind woman at Aldi’s today.

“To the lady at Aldi’s today, Thank you. You didn’t know me or that I have 5 kids the youngest being 7 weeks old and that my family is struggling right now. You didn’t know that my business is temporarily closed because of water damage and that I have been worried about how to feed my kids and that somehow my boyfriend came up with $100 for groceries.

You didnt see me with my calculater out making sure i had enough money or that i was mentally counting how many meals I had in the cart. You didn’t know that just earlier this week I locked myself in my bathroom for an hour and cried because I felt like I was losing it. Thank you for not judging me when I chose to put 1 loaf of bread back instead of the Reeses peanut butter cups my daughter begged me for.

You didn’t see that after you came up to me and brought me the loaf of bread and said excuse me you forgot this that I started crying when you walked away. So I wanted to say THANK YOU. And even though our skin color may have been different I think all you saw was a stressed out mom in the grocery store that didn’t have enough money. “