Racine Police-National Family Violence Apprehension Detail

rapd 1On Wednesday October 21, 2015, Racine County law enforcement took part in a nationwide collaborative effort to identify and apprehend persons with outstanding domestic violence warrants. The 13th Annual Family Violence Apprehension Detail includes over 247 law enforcement agencies from 23 states. This is the second year the Racine County Domestic Violence Task Force has participated in the program which originated in Clackamas County Oregon in 2002.

This effort, commonly known as the SWEEP, helps raise awareness of the problem of family and domestic violence in our communities. It also demonstrates to offenders that they will be held accountable for their actions.
Area law enforcement has worked hand in hand with members of the Racine County Women’s Resource Center, Human Service Department, the Racine County District Attorney’s Office, Probation and Parole and community partners as part of a county wide Domestic Violence Task Force. Local law enforcement agencies that participated in this effort includes the Racine PD, Racine County Sheriff’s Office, Mt. Pleasant PD, Caledonia PD, Sturtevant PD, and Burlington PD.

Locally 78 warrant service attempts were conducted throughout the county. As of 1:00pm Wednesday, this massive enforcement effort resulted in the arrest of 39 individuals in Racine County with existing family violence related warrants.
The Racine County Domestic Violence Task Force is committed to the ongoing effort of holding offenders accountable for their actions and providing services to the victims of domestic violence. Help us break the silence of domestic violence. Victims of domestic violence are urged to call the 24 hour Women’s Resource Center Help Line at (262) 633-3233.