Racine Police Officer helps young man-Mom Then In Return Pays it Forward

thank youBetty included me in a post today on Facebook, about something that happened with her son. “I would like to give a shout out to the police officer who helped my son out today. My son’s been a little down on his luck lately lost his job, being evicted from his apartment he just got a new job he would have went to jail for an old ticket he owed on hundred fourteen dollars that he had forgotten about.

I was short $14. Because I lost my driver’s license yesterday, I couldn’t use my credit card without proper identification, and he just started a new job he didn’t want to lose. The officer gave him $14 and told him to pay it forward.”


donationBetty said “It will be paid forward plus Racine police are awesome at least this one is very special may God do something great for you thank you thank you.” She did just that she donated $100.00 to Wisconsin Vest A Dog to help K9 Units get protective vests!