Racine Police-Update on potential flooding

The Racine Police Department is releasing update information on the potential for flooding within the City along the Root River Basin. Representatives from the City’s Police and Fire Departments, the Department of Public Works, the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services Department, the Water and Wastewater Utilities, as well as, Alderman Wiser and City Administrator Palenick met to discuss the current river level and the potential for flooding.

The rainfall has not been as severe in the Root River Basin as along the Fox River Basin, and at this time, it is not anticipated that we will experience flooding along the Root River within the City. That being said, we are still encouraging residents along the Root River to be vigilant and watchful for the next 24 to 36 hours, and if they should notice any significant and rapid rising of the river level, to report it to the Racine County Communications Center at (262) 886-2300.
Citizens are also strongly cautioned to stay off and out of the Root River as the increased water volume and strong currents can quickly overcome even the strongest and most experienced swimmers and boaters.

The City of Racine Departments will continue to work together to monitor conditions along the Root River and to provide timely updates should conditions change.