Racine Uncovered wants to thank the Racine Fire Department


thank you copyI would like to take a minute and personally thank the Racine Fire Department. I know many of them and I understand what they do but today I knew the best of the best were on a call.

I was out delivering presents for Santa in a Shoebox. I had stopped and visited with a family that I have known for a few years, watching the kids grow and loving when I get the extra few minutes to hang out with them. They were very excited, full of smiles and happiness.

I arrived back home and as usual the radio was on when I heard the address I had just been at go over the air. They were dispatching rescue to the home for a medical problem for one of the children. He was transported and is still in the hospital right now, but thanks to Racine Fire Department Rescue Squad 1, my little buddy was in the best hands possible!

There may be some naysayers out there that say “it’s their job, it’s what they get paid to do”. That might be true but for most of us, we couldn’t walk a day in their shoes and see what they see and do what they do. Thank you again everyone