Racine woman races cars to raise OCD awareness

Hilary Anderson is a young local race Hilary Andersoncar driver. Help Hilary start her adventure building a race team. The race team will be racing for OCD awareness.

According to her Dark Horse Pros page they state
TAKE ACTION. Become directly involved in Hilary Anderson’s Racing by pledging to her campaign.

Now that you have watched the video, you’re probably thinking, that’s a lot of money! The reality is, there is no “cheap” in motorsports. It’s not a secret. A large portion of the money goes toward safety gear. Which is extremely important in racing!

The Honda Civic I will be piloting in HP is currently an ITA car. It’s already a large portion of the way to becoming an HP car. Which makes the build to go Road Racing and raise awareness for OCD a whole lot easier (and cheaper!)

This is an all-or-nothing campaign, which means that if we don’t reach our minimum goal of $12,000, I don’t receive any of the funds and you aren’t charged for your contribution. There will also be a stretch goal of $20,000 to help kick start a donation toward OCD awareness.

Contributors of any level will be invited to the supporters party. The supporters party will help celebrate the success of you my support system for helping reach the goal in our campaign. The date and location of the party will be announced sometime after the campaign ends once we have an idea of how many contributors we have.

The foundation I plan on supporting with the Racing for OCD Awareness Race team is the International OCD Awareness Foundation. Help me support OCD awareness!

For more information and to pledge to help her raise awareness by racing, please visit
Racing for OCD