Racine women to make sure Infant Jane Doe will not be forgotten

Many know of Jane Doe-July 21, 1999 and most recently we all learned of Infant Jane Doe-FEBRUARY 18, 1981.

Jane Doe was found on July 21,1999, by the Racine County Sheriff Department, she had been tortured, beaten, murdered and dumped alongside a cornfield in a rural area. Her identify has never been established and the killer/s have never been brought to justice.

Information on Infant Jane Doe ran one time in the Racine Journal Times back on February 19,1981. She was a headline and a few paragraphs. She was forgotten as quick as she was a headline. She had been put in a brown paper bag and thrown away like trash at Marino Park. The mother of the infant was never located and the medical examiner couldn’t determine if the baby had been born alive or was still born.

When Renee Sura discovered Infant Jane Doe’s grave she was determined to find out more information, where she discovered the sad story behind this infant.

Renee Sura Morgan along with Selena Dawson make it a point to visit with Jane Doe and in some way let her know she hasn’t been forgotten. Many in Racine do visit Jane Doe and pay their respects and say a prayer. Now because of these two women Infant Jane Doe will no longer go unnoticed and baby will not be forgotten again. Her tiny grave will no longer be ignored. They paid visits to each grave today.

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Photos courtesy of Renee Morgan Sura and Selena Dawson