RCSO-Fire spread to four vehicles on car carrier

RCSOOn 09/09/2015 at 0943 hours the Racine County Communications Center received a cellular 911 call from a truck driver reporting his car hauler trailer was on fire. The driver, out of Michigan was driving Northbound on I-94 just North of CTH K when he noticed smoke coming from rear axle area of the trailer. The driver said he pulled over to the right shoulder and as he was exiting the tractor he noticed flames coming from under the trailer.

At the time of this incident the trailer was loaded with 9 various makes and model vehicles that were being transported to an auto auction. The first arriving Deputy on scene attempted to extinguish the fire but was unable to do so due to the size of the fire. The fire quickly spread to 4 of the vehicles on the trailer and it was at this time the interstate was shut down for Northbound traffic due to the hazards being created by the fire.

Raymond Fire Department arrived on scene and was able to quickly extinguish the fire. Traffic was opened for the number #1 (left) lane while the remaining 2 traffic lanes stayed closed for removal of the damaged vehicles. There were no reported injuries to anyone on scene and at the time of this release there is not a damage amount to the vehicles.

Credit Katie Lamberton

Credit Katie Lamberton