RCSO-Narcan used to revive man who passed out while driving

RCSOOn 09-08-15 at approximately 18:25 hrs a Racine County Sheriff’s patrol squad was flagged down on the East Frontage Rd south of HWY 20 by a person who wanted to report a vehicle on STH 20 under I-94, whose driver appeared to be was passed out behind the wheel.  The deputy notified the Racine County Communications Center who was also receiving calls on the vehicle. These callers stated that the driver was passed out behind the wheel with a needle in his arm.


Upon the arrival of the Racine County Sheriff Deputy he located the vehicle that was stalled halfway in the roadway and half on the grass median on STH 20 just west of I-94. The driver was found unresponsive, but breathing with a used needle in his lap. The Deputy pulled the man out of the vehicle and started first aid on the driver and administered 2 doses of Naloxone Hydrochloride (Narcan) to the patient. Once the second dose of Narcan was given the patient started to become responsive and able to talk. The patient care was then turned over to Union Grove /Yorkville Rescue once they arrived on scene.


The investigation into this incident showed that the driver of the vehicle used Heroin and passed out behind the wheel. The vehicle traveled west bound on STH 20, crossing though the closed west bound turn lane for I-94 crashing through the construction site, hitting extra lumber at the site damaging the vehicle. The vehicle then came to rest in the median after crossing the intersection during rush hour traffic.


The male driver was taken to St. Mary’s ER for medical clearance and then to the Racine County Jail on charges. The male was arrested for OWI 1st and many other traffic and drug charges. The male driver was also found to have prior drug convictions.


Racine Sheriff’s deputies are trained in the use of Naloxone Hydrochloride (Narcan) which is available for all Racine Sheriff patrol cars.