Resident tells police “I’m just making sure you guys are gonna be safe”

police lightsMany times when law enforcement has to respond to a call, neighbors, bystanders are curious and want to know what’s going on. Many grab their cell phones and take pictures or videos, some are very critical of law enforcement. With what seems to be an open attack on law enforcement, citizens are starting to pay close attention to what’s going on for the safety of those law enforcement officers.

We were speaking to residents this morning about a call Racine Police were on last night. This time people were keeping an eye on things for a very different reason.

Here is a quote from on residents, “We heard officers ask them (residents) to go inside and my husband said “I’m just making sure you guys are gonna be safe” He sure didn’t want anything to happen to them.”

(Please remember, police don’t want innocent bystanders getting hurt in any situation, and to please not interfere but it’s nice to hear from residents they have law enforcement’s back in this town and they are watching)