Resident writes “I placed my love rocks around the the fish and the little boy, just another way love rocks bring people together”

Courtesy-Jennifer S.

Courtesy-Jennifer S.

Jennifer Simonsen wrote into Racine Uncovered today on facebook with this message, we were moved by what she had to say.

“With so much bad happening in the world. When you have a great Neighbors you can have a great community. Even if you do have difference in politics, religions etc don’t know if this story is some thing you’d want to share but. It our story.”

“I am not good with putting my thoughts into words but when I moved home from Madison when Mira was 16 months old I had to move into my mom and Dad’s house to save money to buy a house for the two of us. I quickly found out just how nice it was to have great Neighbors, people who cared about me, helped and supported me even though there were only ever told stories about me. My kids roamed that neighborhood and made friends which we can’t do in our neighborhood.

Through the 16 years these neighbors have sent there kids to college, kids have gotten married, they had grandchilden,  some neighbors got divorced some have moved away out of state new ones have moved in, kids roam free, people walk,run, and everyone talks and waves to everyone. But there is always that one neighbor that everyone talks about for one reason or another some have bad things to say some have good thing and some are neutral and just listen never repeating.

There is a man who goes for a walk everyday using a walking stick a fend of what ever may come his way,he always waves and stops to talk, he raises chickens and brought the kids green and brown eggs which I was raised seeing but to them wow they were shocked. He plays his Christian music and it echos through the neighborhood and proclaims his love of God through messages on his house and the words he speaks during is walks. He takes pride in his house his flowers and his lawn ornaments.

He has his own opinions and thoughts and those  lawn ornaments which have been a staple in each of my kids lives. With each one we could never leave Nana and Papa’s house with out going to say good bye to the fish. “AHH yes THE FISH”. The fish is at the end of a little boys fishing pole.

Over 16 years there have been many fish big and small and a little girl flirting with the fisherman, and like the fish there outfits have changed over the years too. Mylah always noticed the girls finger and toe nail polish was always perfect. On Sunday we were all at my Mom and Dad’s house watching Mylah ride her two wheeler in Karen driveway where all three of my kids have learned to ride with no training wheels it’s a perfect drive way for that, we were all gathered at the end of the driveway.

Nana saw Gilbert pulling out of his driveway in his brand new car, as he got closer we all waved but he never even looked at us. Puzzled Nana said, “What the Heck” he drove right past and never slowed to talk but not to wave? We talked for a minute about it, but maybe he just was in a hurry to get some place.

On Tuesday we found out in fact he was in a hurry to get some place,he was driving himself to the hospital where he died shortly after he arrived. He was so determine to get to where he knew he was going to be with God that he never had a thought to wave but we had our last wave as he made his final drive out of the neighborhood. Gilbert you will be missed by many, But we all know where you are because you made that known to many of us, in our Father arms.”

Jennifer told us “I placed my love rocks around the little boy and fish just another way love rocks bring people together with a simple rock”