Residents thank Mount Pleasant Police for help with Kittens!

Residents of Mount Pleasant would like to thank these Mount Pleasant Police Officers for their help on Tuesday evening.

Tia Yo wrote to us saying “During the week the kids found stray kittens and were trying to catch them to save them, when they had to go home grandma Josie promise to try and find them.. cousin, Sasha Guerra and neighbor Veronica managed to capture one and called the off hours animal help “AKA:Mount Pleasant Police- they came and spend the time they had to get things figured out.

“After locating the nest and sharing with some neighbors one cat is being adopted and the others are still being searched for.. Priscilla, Cisco and Emma Mejia were so sad that the kitties lost their mommy.. but  soooo happy to hear that the officers with Mount Pleasant Police reunited them.