Sex offender jailed in Racine after Halloween violation

police lights-handcuffsThe Racine County Sheriff’s Office (RASO) and the Division of Community Corrections (DCC) partnered together and conducted additional supervised checks on sex offenders residing throughout Racine County during Halloween trick-or-treat hours.  The sex offenders under supervision of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections sign a Halloween Contract which requires them to be indoors a minimum of one hour before, during and one hour following locally scheduled Halloween trick-or-treating.   The sex offender is also not allowed to participate in any type of Halloween and or trick or treat activities and is required to be home during these times.


There was approximately 94 Halloween compliance checks completed Saturday October 31st during the Racine County trick-or-treat hours.  There were two rule violations noted, with one offender brought to the Racine County Jail and two offenders that were not home as required.