Suspect charged after chase and fleeing on foot from Racine Police

Lloyd Anthony King Jr-RCJ

Lloyd Anthony King Jr-RCJ

Lloyd Anthony King Jr, 19 of Racine has been charged with Vehicle Operator Flee/Elude Officer, 6 counts of felony bail jumping, three counts of 1st-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, Resisting or Obstructing an Officer and Operate w/o Valid License(2nd w/in3 Yrs) He is being held on $10,000 cash bond and a hold from Department of Corrections after making his initial appearance today in Racine Circuit Court.

According to the criminal complaint on Sunday June 7th 11:25 p.m., Racine Police observed five vehicles traveling northbound on Quincy Avenue, passing their squad car at a high rate of speed. The first vehicle was a dark green Buick Regal that had two or three occupants hanging out of the side windows and sunroof. Officer believed that the vehicle was traveling at approximately 40-45 mph and weaving back and forth on the roadway in a 25-mph zone. The four vehicles that were following were also traveling at speeds of 40-45 mph and weaving back and forth on the roadway.

Racine Police state that it was apparent that the five vehicles were traveling together. The vehicles continued to travel at a high rates of speed, greater than the posted speed limit of 25 mph and failed to stop for a stop sign at Quincy and Washington Avenue. Racine Police officers activated the squad car’s emergency lights and siren, the three occupants that were hanging out of the windows and sunroof then re-entered the Buick and sat back down. With the emergency lights and siren activated to initial a traffic stop, officers observed a clear plastic baggie being thrown from the passenger side of the vehicle. That plastic bag was later located by officers and was determined to contain marijuana.

The vehicle continued to accelerate and continued to ignore or disobey the emergency lights and sirens. The vehicle made numerous turns and traveled over the posted speed limits in an attempt to evade the police. While pursuing the vehicle through the City of Racine, speeds reached 50-60 mph. The entire pursuit lasted twelve minutes and the driver ran through approximately 15-20 stop signs and approximately two to three red traffic signals. Your complainant states that the vehicle eventually turned onto Irving Place and Wiley, and came to a stop.

According to the complaint officers observed the driver, later identified as the defendant, quickly exit the driver’s seat and run from the car. The defendant ran around the back of the vehicle and east through the yards, and was eventually located hiding underneath an RV-type vehicle in a yard in the 1300 bloc of Villa Street and  was subsequently taken into into custody and positively ID. There were minor passengers in the vehicle that were detained at the scene, nothing else is mentioned in the complaint about the other vehicles involved.