Suspect not in custody after threatening to shoot family

RCSOOn Friday July 10th at aprox 8 p.m. Racine County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a man threatening to shoot his family members in the 7900 block of Pleasant Road in the Town of Waterford.The sheriff’s office says a 68-year-old woman called reporting that her 51-year-old son, William Hughes, who was allegedly intoxicated, was threatening to shoot the family.

When authorities arrived, they were told Hughes lives in the barn on the property and maintains a stash of at least  firearms inside. According to family members they said they him enter the barn but never saw him leave.

Because Hughes was allegedly intoxicated,  had weapons, and access to them, the decision was made to have both members of the Crisis Negotiations team and SWAT respond to the call.

A search of the barn was conducted but Hughes was not found — they did however, locate multiple guns.

Authorities say an extensive search went on to locate Hughes but have still not located him.

Deputies say there is no threat to the public as a result of this incident as all the threats were directed at Hughes’ family members.