Thank you from everyone at the Olive Garden to customer who helped save a life!

thank you
We received this message from a server at Olive Garden in Racine and she would like to say thank you.

Kristina wrote
“Hello. I am a server at the olive garden here in Racine. Yesterday around 3:30 a coworker was having a severe seizure in the kitchen. She began going through long periods of not breathing and no pulse. With I or no other associates knowing proper CPR I thought fast and decided to ask my table if either knew CPR. Thankfully I went to the right table, because this middle aged man got up with no hesitation and ran back into the kitchen with me to perform CPR. He literally saved her life. He was an angel! He performed CPR continuously until paramedics arrived. He was extremely humble, and although he wasn’t expecting anything in return my managers told him to order whatever he’d like and his and his wife’s bill would be taken care of. I did not get his name, but I and many fellow olive garden employees want him to be recognized for his act. I was wondering if possible you could briefly state this on ur page, recognizing the great people in this town. In hopes that I’m sure he is a friend of yours and can see how greatly appreciated we all are for him! Thank you.”